Top Secret Dance Off

The dance secret is hard-wired in your brain and waiting for you to activate it.

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  • LaS Bonus Round

    LaS Bonus Round 02:20

    Oh. Hey! It's Bonus Round! Like so often, I set to do one thing and ended up doing something compl… Tags: Waiting, LaS Like a Starflower Jun 17, 2010 255 views

  • Sorting the Skin

    Sorting the Skin 01:28

    Dance Quest number seven from me: the Skin. I assure you, my eyes are closed. All four of them. T… the Skin Mar 11, 2010 231 views

  • the Skin: Tree

    the Skin: Tree 0:22

    Dance Quest number six from me: the Skin. Apologies for the low-quality and short video... but....… the Skin Mar 4, 2010 112 views

  • Skin on Skin

    Skin on Skin 0:59

    Dance quest number four from me: the Skin. I'm on top of myself! The music, friends and neighbors… the Skin Feb 25, 2010 156 views

  • the Skin in a crosswalk

    the Skin in a crosswalk 0:21

    Dance quest number three from me: the Skin. It's very short, I know, but I think I more than make… the Skin Feb 18, 2010 5/5 stars 172 views

  • uıʞS ǝɥʇ

    uıʞS ǝɥʇ 0:51

    Dance Quest number two for me: the Skin. Only half of me is upside down here The music, my friends… the Skin Feb 11, 2010 5/5 stars 180 views


The Secret Dance Keepers

Who is behind TSDO, and why?

Donate $5.00 and request a "custom dance" from your favorite TSDO member -- and help support the project.


Just in time for the weekend...
DQ6: Tree Dance
DQ7: The Sorting Dance
DQ8: Stair Dance
DO5: Battle Harder

The next quests and dance-offs unlock February 24, 2009.

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